New Harp Solos


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Tango España

Tango España is an intermediate level solo for pedal or lever harp that encompasses wonderful Spanish rhythms and a memorable melody. It is a totally fun piece to use for performance or for just learning  rhythmic playing. One nice feature is that there are no pedal or lever changes throughout the Tango making it easily attainable and playable on any harp.

Chanson Esthétique

Chanson Esthétique is a beautiful love song for pedal harp. At intermediate level, this solo provides a lovely melody over an arpeggiated accompaniment. Mark has based the melody upon a traditional Japanese lullaby and embellished it with a nice flowing middle section. The pedal changes are marked clearly at the points they should be changed to accommodate the least amount of buzzing and help the player move smoothly through the transitions.

Tango España and Chanson Esthétique may be ordered from

The Harp Connection in Salem, MA    (888) 287-4277

New Harp Solos